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Year 4

Year 4 Marvellous Maths Week


This week, our theme for Marvellous maths week has been all about outdoor reasoning and measuring. The children have enjoyed getting dirty (sorry parents!) and having hands-on experience with a range of measuring equipment on the field. Some of our weekly blog has been written by Erin and Edward! Have a look at our class photo gallery for 




How can we measure a tree?

This morning, we tried to measure trees. First, we had to think about how to measure a tree. This is what our groups thought we could do and use.

  • A metre stick
  • A tape measure
  • We could measure books and see how many books we will need to get to the top of the tree.
  • We could shoot a tape measure with a hook on the end up a tree.



Next, we went outside  to measure the height of trees. Here are some steps on how to do it.

  1. First,you need to find a stick as long as your arm. But, if it is shorter or longer than you arm, you can't use it.
  2. Next,you line up the stick with the tree by closing one eye and walking forwards and backwards.
  3. When you have lined the stick up, you put the stick on the floor where it lines up and measure to the bottom of the tree.

But, there was a problem!The measuring tapes and

and metre sticks were not long enough.

To solve this problem we had to use the leaves, feet and tape measures. We used the leaves because every time you measured a metre, you would forget where you were.




Is the height of a tree the same as the circumference multiplied by three?

Today, we measured the circumference and height of trees. To measure the circumference of trees,you have to wind a measuring tape around the tree trunk. .We also had to measure the height of trees but we haven't written that because it tells you how to do it on Monday.




How many minibeasts can we find in forest school? How do we record our data?

Today, we went into the forest school area to collect data using a tally chart about all the minibeasts we could find. We found a range of insects including: woodlice, millipedes, centipedes, ants, spiders and many more! We then decided how we were going to record our data and most of us chose a bar chart to show which animal was the most popular! 



The tallest leaves have the largest leaves? Always, sometimes, never true?

We got absolutely drenched today and had to run to forest school because of the rain. We were able to have a little discussion about whether we thought the tallest trees have the largest leaves and came up with an idea about how to measure them. Lots of us thought that it depended upon the season as to how large the leaves would be or whether we would see any leaves on the tress at all. We also had to be very careful that we were picking the correct leaves from the trees! 


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