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About our H.S.A. - Getting involved

The H.S.A.


WHY H.S.A and not P.T.A?
When the H.S.A was formed it was decided that the present-day family does not always consist of both parents. Some families have single parent families, other carers, grandparents and so the “family” was considered extended from the title of PARENT, so the “HOME” element was thought to reflect the modern family and so the HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION was formed.
The Committee meets approximately once per month to discuss school plans and fundraising ideas.  We act as a sounding board for ideas from the school and use the meetings to communicate opinions/thoughts/feedback to the school management.


The Committee is supported by a group of Ordinary Members and any parents/carers that wish to come to any meeting. Also attending meetings are the Headteacher and other members of staff.


Remember that if you have a child at the school - you are all members of the H.S.A.