Thank you children for working so hard on TEAMs and talking to your teachers while we can’t be at school. Please visit the Covid-19 page, in the ‘About Us’ menu to view our risk assessment. Please visit our Welcome page of the website to see a very special message from all of the staff at Maidensbridge Primary, as we read a poem, written by Mrs Payton for our children.
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Welcome toMaidensbridge Primary SchoolLearning & Achieving Through Experience & Enjoyment


The main purpose of our function is to raise funds for the school. Schools have a finite budget and the H.S.A aim to provide the school with additional funds for the items unaffordable from the school budget.


Over the years we have regularly provided items for new pupils. New pupils receive a:


  • Book Bag
  • Pump Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Maidensbridge Badge


All children in school also benefit from:


  • Easter Eggs at Easter for all pupils plus the Prizes for the competitions.
  • Christmas presents for all pupils.
  • Year 6 leaving presents.
  • Year 6 leaving party.
  • Remembrance wreath for Yr5 and Yr 6 to take to the ceremony.


In 2010- 2011 we spent a total of £9315 on major items:


Key Stage 2 playground equipment
Glass artist
Waterproofs for Forest Schools
Royal wedding celebrations
Year 6 leaving party