Well done to all the children who have been chosen for Praise so far this year, who will be next? Well done to the netball team for the first victory! Reception and Year 1 loved their first dance class after school this week- if your child would like to join a club, please get in touch with the school office to see what is available.
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My Week in Lockdown 

Week one 


By Amy, Head Girl 


My week was a normal week. It started out on Monday by doing my work and my live lessons. I did this throughout the week but towards Wednesday, I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Luckily, my teacher had set my class an assignment to do some well- being activities. I decided to do some baking. I made some brownies and it really helped me to relax and calm myself before I had to do live lessons and work the next day. For the rest of the week, I was just finishing my work from previous days and reading my book (Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets). Thank you for reading my blog and I hope everyone has a good week too. 


Week Two

My half term was a fun and boring week. Throughout the week I was extremely bored so I decided to go on my family’s exercise bike. Me and my family have a challenge where I have to do 20km in a month and the rest of my family does 80. So, I did 6km one day and a few more throughout the week. For the rest of the week, I was just relaxing and going on walks with my family. I also finished my Harry Potter book and I am now on the 3rd book of the series. Overall, I had a good half term even though I couldn’t do much.


Week Three

My week was pretty good. For most of the week, I was preparing myself to go back to school on the 8th. I am mostly excited to go back because I can finally see my friends in person for the first time in ages. Although, I am a little bit nervous. This is mainly because we haven’t been to school in so long and I have got into the habit of doing lessons at home on a screen with my cat on my lap and going downstairs and getting snacks as I please. Even though it is nerve-racking, I am much more excited to see everybody again.


Returning to School

My week was really good because it was the first week back at school. It was fun because I got to see my friends that I haven’t seen in absolutely ages in person. On Monday, I got there and I had to come in my P.E kit because it was our P.E day. We are doing netball and I really like because I am good at it. It was also our P.E day on Wednesday but it was raining so we did a game in the hall instead of netball. Through the rest of the week, it was basically just doing work but instead of on a computer screen. This week was very fun and I am so happy that I get to see my friends again.


Week 13

My week was quite fun. It started on Monday but instead of doing work it was the bank holiday! It was nice to get some fresh air with my mum instead (even though we got caught in the rain). On Tuesday and Wednesday, it was pretty normal although on Tuesday, the JLT and house captains had a meeting and it was very interesting. Apart from that we just did work and P.E. On Thursday the school was closed for voting and we had to do online working again. Towards the end of the week, it was normal again until on Sunday, I went to a netball club for the first time and it was so fun and I made so many new friends. My week was really good and I hope everyone had a good week too.






Harry's blog week 1 


Head Boy and House Captain


This is week one of my blog and I am doing this because on Friday the Junior Leadership team had a team’s meeting and decided that we would do a blog every week on what we have done. Most days I try to get all my work done like English, Maths, Science finished by about 2pm.  Most days I go for walks to the field behind my house. On the weekend I went to Mary Stevens Hospice recycling point to drop of crisp packets which will raise money for the charity. I have also joined a book club and the book I am reading is called The Train to Impossible Places. I hoped you liked reading week one of my blog and I hope you have a good week too.  


Week 2

This week was different to a normal half term because we were not allowed to go meet up with friends and family. But I still had fun. I used this time to go on bike rides with my family we went along the canal to Stourbridge. I am really missing my sport so one day I decided to do a run as I want to make sure I am fit for when they start again. I ran a total of 7 laps around the block, they were 1 kilometre each. After completing this I decided to set another challenge and completed a duathlon with my mom on the weekend. We ran 3k then biked 10k then ran 2k. After doing this it made me feel happy even though to was raining the whole time. It was not a normal half term, but it still was fun.


Week 3

This week was strange because I knew that I would be going back to school which made me really excited. On Monday I got all my work done so in the afternoon we could go out for a walk to get some fresh air. On Wednesday I decided to go out for a walk with my friend around wall heath which I enjoyed because I was getting out with someone else. This week I also enjoyed doing all the activities for world book day like; the guess the teacher and writing the story. On at the end of the week me and my brother jack decided to have a sleep over in his room and we went out to buy some sweets. I am excited to go back to school and I am happy to see my friends again.


Returning to School

This week was great because it was the first week back at school and I loved it. I was really happy this week because I got to see my friend in person and not from the other side of a screen. This I have really, I enjoyed doing all my lessons properly and doing netball in pe because that is one off my favourite sports. This week has been the best so far and I loved it.


Week 13

This week was I different week to normal because on Monday it was a bank holiday which meant everyone got a day off. On Thursday when weren’t at school because an election was happening so the school, was being used for voting. On Tuesday, the JLT and the house captains had a meeting about things that we might get for the playground which was very interesting. On the Wednesday we did PE which I enjoyed very much a usual and later in the day I did my swimming. On Thursday It was a strange day we because we were back to doing home learning for one day. I did not find the work that hard to do at home because I was used to it after all this time I have spent at home over the last year. On Friday It was year sixes computer day so in the afternoon we got to make quizzes on any science topics we wanted. The weekend I did my running training on the morning and in the afternoon, I had mc Donald’s for tea. On Sunday I had a very busy day I had my rugby training on the morning and in there afternoon I did swimming. My week was
very good, and I hope yours was too.




MY blog of the week 

By Deputy Head Boy  



This week has been very hard and stressful. In year 6, we’re doing Algebra which is where maths mix with letters and numbers. Also, in English we are reading, “The Boy in the Back of the Class”, we found out that Ahmet was a refugee and what they are, they’re people who run away from their country from war or bad things. But the best things that I’ve done this week are reading Kay's Anatomy and building a bird house, Kay's anatomy is all about the body and really gruesome stuff. When Lockdown is finished, I want to go to the park to meet my friends so we can reunite. 


Week Three

Hi this is Alec back with another blog, on March 8th we will all be going back to school (literally) so it will be back too normal. In my opinion, I don’t want to go back to school because working from home is what I’m used to now so it will feel different without my mum and dad working with me. I love home schooling because I get to eat snacks any time, it’s safer, I love snuggling my dog and playing on my tech in breaks. In my opinion, I DON’T want to go back to school. The only reason why I want to go back to school is so I can see my friends in person instead of through a computer screen or phone





Deputy Head Girl



Week One Blog

My first week in lockdown. It started as me being lazy as ever (because of lockdown). This week at school in maths we were doing algebra, which was easy at first but then it got up to mixed numbers but we only did that towards the end of the week. After the online lessons I always liked playing Mario kart with my friends whilst on face time to them.


Week Two

My half term was very boring because I couldn’t see any of my friends and nothing much was open. I spent time with my family and we played cluedo it was fun. After we had setup the game we had to read the rules because we had never played it before but we got the hang of it after a while. I would also phone my friends and we would laughed and joke around just like we would do at playtime.


Week Three

My week was exiting and stressful at the same time. I was preparing my barge and putting everything that I would need in there because on the 8th we are all going back to school. Hooray! As well as that we will all be able to see our friends again.


Returning to School

This week was the most exiting week in forever. We were all back at school today, Mr Pearson didn’t give us too much work but it was nice to see all my friends again. On Wednesday we had P.E and we did netball it was fun and very competitive.


Week Seven

This week was absolutely the most fun week ever. I especially liked Thursday because it was the last day of school so we did an Easter word search that had 50 words to find. I still have not found them all yet. The words went in all different kinds of directions.





School life in lockdown

by Ruben JLT


This week was alright, but it is hard to stay positive when you are stuck at home, but I think about what I will do when lockdown is over. Meanwhile, when I am at home and not doing my work, I try to stay active like going for bike rides. This week is the same as every week but this week I did lots of exercise. Moreover, I did some drawings and things like that they also make me feel better. In addition, wellbeing Wednesday was a fantastic day I had less lessons I could keep active and relax. On Thursday after I did my lessons, I went for a walk to get some fresh air, it might not have been as exciting as riding my bike, but it was nice to do something different. In conclusion this week has been fantastic it has been eventful.


Week Two

This half term is pretty boring because I have got nothing to do. I tried to make the most of the week doing other things than schoolwork, but I went for bike rides during the week and went for walks and tried to get some fresh air.  Towards the middle of the week, I went to the park to get some fresh air. I also stayed in a lot as well as going outside a lot. Beside going outside and staying in and watching tv I went to the shops once which was different as I rarely go to the shops. Overall, it was nice to have a break from schoolwork, but I struggled to do much apart from the things that I mentioned so far, half term was a nice break from school and doing what I want.


Returning to School

Returning to school was great I had a great time, and I wasn’t bored most of the time like when I was at home. The best thing about returning to school was that I could see people for the first time in a while. At home I didn’t do pe but at school we did and it was great. This week was great I enjoyed it and had something to do throughout the day as most of the day was spent at school and most of the rest of the time I went outside. Despite going to school after school it was pretty boring sometimes but that was just because I wanted to get out of the house more often. It was so much better to not be on the screen all the time and working off the screen. Overall this week has been the best in the while it was just good to see my friends again since ages ago.


Week 13

This week was weird as we had a bank holiday on Monday and had online lessons on Thursday. On Monday I went for a bike ride as there was nothing else to do. It was nice to have an extra break from school. On Tuesday it was a normal day at school we just did maths and English.  On Wednesday we did pe but in the hall and we did different stations of exercise like burpees. On Thursday we were at home which was a bad thing in my opinion because at school we could play on the playground talk to friends and see people in real life not on the screen. On Friday it weas normal and it was nice to go back to school. This week was strange but still a good week at school.


My Week in Lockdown

By Ben JLT


My amazing week in lockdown, I have not been doing much. This is because we are not really meant to be going out. However, on the weekends I have been going on walks with my family. I have been having fun on my online lessons and on schoolwork in the week. I have been enjoying it as it has been keeping me busy.