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My Week in Lockdown 

Week one 


By Amy, Head Girl 


My week was a normal week. It started out on Monday by doing my work and my live lessons. I did this throughout the week but towards Wednesday, I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Luckily, my teacher had set my class an assignment to do some well- being activities. I decided to do some baking. I made some brownies and it really helped me to relax and calm myself before I had to do live lessons and work the next day. For the rest of the week, I was just finishing my work from previous days and reading my book (Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets). Thank you for reading my blog and I hope everyone has a good week too. 



Harry's blog week 1 


Head Boy and House Captain


This is week one of my blog and I am doing this because on Friday the Junior Leadership team had a team’s meeting and decided that we would do a blog every week on what we have done. Most days I try to get all my work done like English, Maths, Science finished by about 2pm.  Most days I go for walks to the field behind my house. On the weekend I went to Mary Stevens Hospice recycling point to drop of crisp packets which will raise money for the charity. I have also joined a book club and the book I am reading is called The Train to Impossible Places. I hoped you liked reading week one of my blog and I hope you have a good week too.  




MY blog of the week 

By Deputy Head Boy  



This week has been very hard and stressful. In year 6, we’re doing Algebra which is where maths mix with letters and numbers. Also, in English we are reading, “The Boy in the Back of the Class”, we found out that Ahmet was a refugee and what they are, they’re people who run away from their country from war or bad things. But the best things that I’ve done this week are reading Kay's Anatomy and building a bird house, Kay's anatomy is all about the body and really gruesome stuff. When Lockdown is finished, I want to go to the park to meet my friends so we can reunite. 




School life in lockdown


This week was alright, but it is hard to stay positive when you are stuck at home, but I think about what I will do when lockdown is over. Meanwhile, when I am at home and not doing my work, I try to stay active like going for bike rides. This week is the same as every week but this week I did lots of exercise. Moreover, I did some drawings and things like that they also make me feel better. In addition, wellbeing Wednesday was a fantastic day I had less lessons I could keep active and relax. On Thursday after I did my lessons, I went for a walk to get some fresh air, it might not have been as exciting as riding my bike, but it was nice to do something different. In conclusion this week has been fantastic it has been eventful.


By Ruben


My Week in Lockdown

By Ben


My amazing week in lockdown, I have not been doing much. This is because we are not really meant to be going out. However, on the weekends I have been going on walks with my family. I have been having fun on my online lessons and on schoolwork in the week. I have been enjoying it as it has been keeping me busy.