Please visit the Covid-19 page, in the ‘About Us’ menu to view our risk assessment and arrangements for September 2020. We look forward to welcoming all children in years 1-6 back on Thursday 3rd September. Staff will be back on the 1st and 2nd for training and to prepare their Bubbles.
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Anti-Bullying Week

Our children have taken part in the week-long National Anti-bullying Week and helping to ensure that Maidensbridge remains a bully-free zone.


The theme for much of our work this week as been on respect and ensuring that we all make sure we give it and expect to receive it in our lives. The children also discussed the issues around Cyber-bullying.  This message was supported by resources provided by The Anti-bullying Alliance.


Our Anti-bullying Ambassadors also played an important part in proceedings as many of them led activities and games with classes throughout the week.


The Anti-bullying Ambassadors also met during the week to develop their action plan in order to ensure that our school remains free of bullying, as well as promote respect and tolerance amongst all our children.