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Football First-timers win tournament!

This afternoon (Friday 31st March) our Year 3 & 4 girls 5-a-side team took to the field at an area competition held at Ellowes Hall School. The girls, who had never played in a competitive team together, were excited to be taking part and their enthusiasm was clearly apparent for all to see. They had to play 4 games in the tournament league and showed amazing talent and teamwork to win all 4 games! What was even more amazing was that through the four games, which was an hour's football in total, their energy never waivered and it was incredible to see them romp to victory by scoring 45 goals across the four games and only conceding one! The girls were a credit to the school and had a great sporting approach throughout the afternoon. We now have another trophy for the Maidensbridge trophy cabinet. A big thank-you to Miss. Fellows for organising the team.