Well done to all the children who have been chosen for Praise so far this year, who will be next? Well done to the netball team for the first victory! Reception and Year 1 loved their first dance class after school this week- if your child would like to join a club, please get in touch with the school office to see what is available.
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Visit to Parliament and Downing Street

Our School Councillors and Anti-bullying Ambassadors have experienced a one-in-a-lifetime trip to The Houses of Parliament and Downing Street.

The visit, organised as part of the schools work on British Values, enabled our School Councillors and Anti-bulling Ambassadors to have a tour of the Palace of Westminster and undertake workshops on democracy and representation.

The children visited the chamber of the House of Lords and walked through the lobby of the House of Commons as Prime Ministers Questions were taking place to a full chamber. We also visited Westminster Hall and stood on the spot that Nelson Mandela (and others) stood to deliver his historic address to both houses of parliament.

However, to add to the experience, the school contacted our local MP, Mike Wood to ask if he could arranged for us to visit Downing Street. To our surprise, this was duly arranged in just a few days before the visit.

The children (as we expect) were impeccably behaved throughout and were a wonderful advert for our school. 

We would also like to thank Mike Wood's parliamentary assistant, Dan Horrocks, who not only made the arrangements with Downing Street, but was a superb guide throughout the day.