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Year 1 go to the Zoo!

On Friday 5th May we visited Dudley zoo and castle. First we went up some steep stairs. Finally we got to the castle. We waited for a few minutes and we met Amy.  She was the lady of the castle. We did some acting. I was the lady and Jack was the lord. A cheeky peacock kept following us all day! We got very close to a tiger! – Zoe aged 6


We saw some lemurs, they were quite small. We saw very big Giraffes and penguins in the water, they were fast! - Tom aged 6


I was in Mr Bott’s group in the Bott Bus! When we got there we went past the monkeys and anfter that we went up some stairs, it was a long way up. After that we went into a room. It was a bit dark. There was a lady in the dark damp room. She told us about castles, it was fun. Later we saw some sea lions then we walked on and had some lunch. I bought a snowy owl from the gift shop. – Daniel aged 6


It was the best day ever, we saw tigers and we learnt about their ears. – Elsie age 5