Well done to all the children who have been chosen for Praise so far this year, who will be next? New parents of 22/23 starters, please join us for our Open Event on Friday 12th November 4.30pm-5.30pm. Year 3 did some great learning in the forest this week about habitats. Well done Year 5 for cooking your fish cake starter!
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Week 1

This weeks praise award goes to someone who has settled back into school exceptionally. She has shown an eagerness to learn and a great compassion towards her friends, particularly those who have struggled with the transition. She is an asset to Year 2 and I hope she continues to show her can-do attitude throughout her time in Year 2. She is a fantastic role model. Keep it up Ruby!


Well done Ruby!


Week 2

This weeks praise award goes to a little boy who this week has continuously tried his best in everything he has done. He has shown Miss Beaumont and Mrs B each morning all of the extra practice work he has been doing at home and shown real excitement to share his times table skills. We can see a change in his attitude towards his own learning and it has been wonderful to a part of. This little boy has been working hard within his phonics lessons and strives to do more each session. Keep it up Tommy!


Well done Tommy!


Week 3 

This weeks praise assembly goes to a kind and caring little girl who is a credit to our Year 2 classroom. Her maths skills this week have blown me away, she has really developed her reasoning skills. She is always ready to learn, always one of the first to share ideas and always doing the right thing. This little girl has shown real kindness to her friends and shares her kind heart daily through the action of caring for others. She is the first to support someone, even when she may be a little unsure herself. Keep up the good work Rose!

Well done Rose!