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Supporting Maths at Home

Mathematics at Home

Supporting children's mathematical development at home is crucial if children are to develop a holistic and well-embedded understanding of mathematical concepts. Everyday talk about maths can provide a really good basis for reasoning and problem solving, which will help children understand the importance of maths in the world around them.


Maths at Maidensbridge isn't just about number crunching! Children are encouraged to become deep-thinkers, collaborative learners and problem solvers. These skills don't just apply to the mathematics curriculum but to a wider range of areas.


Much of the homework teachers send home is based around fluency to help children practise and embed new skills. Below are a number of websites that children can access to help improve their mathematical fluency!


TT Rockstars

ICT Games

Top Marks

Primary Games

Maths Zone





Support for parents and carers

National Numeracy Parent Toolkit -

This website provides advice regarding home activities and important milestones.


Nrich Maths -

This website is used frequently by teachers in school. There are some challenging problems on this site which really encourage children to 'get thinking' about maths and boost their mathematical resilience.


Mathematics Mastery-

This blog provides information about activities and strategies that can be used at home, that will support children in feeling more confident about maths.