Well done to all the children who have been chosen for Praise so far this year, who will be next? Well done to the netball team for the first victory! Reception and Year 1 loved their first dance class after school this week- if your child would like to join a club, please get in touch with the school office to see what is available.
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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! 

The children have really enjoyed sharing stories with each other this morning to celebrate the importance of reading on World Book Day. 01.03.18

Year 2 at The Earls Gymnastics Centre in Oldbury

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There are lots of super gymnasts in Year 2. Here are some of them using a trampoline to perform basic gymnastic movements.

Thank You West Midlands Fire Service!

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from West Midlands Fire Service. The children really enjoyed learning about how Firefighting has changed since The Great Fire of London in 1666. The children loved dressing up Mrs Round as a Firefighter too! We also learned how to stop, drop and roll and what to do in the event of a fire. 

Happy Valentines Day! Love From Year 2 x

Today we wrote our own Valentines Poems and decorated them.

The Great Fire of London collage art!

The children have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London. Here are some of our beautiful landscape pictures! 


Practical fraction walls!

Fantastic Footballers


The children are really enjoying their football sessions with Liam! 




Amazing skills

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Rebecca was praised for her excellent defending skills. Rebecca worked hard looking for her space to defend the ball. Well done!

Horrible Histories...

To start off our new topic on The Great Fire of London, we had a look at timelines. We started by working as a team to place dates from 1600-2018 in order, after this we made our own timeline as a class, looking at key events over the last 3 years at Maidensbridge. The children enjoyed choosing special moments to put on their timeline. 


We are celebrating magical maths week this week at school! 


Have you seen our doubling machine?

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You put a number in your ear and a double will appear, when you pip your nose!


Here we are making certain amounts of money with the least amount of coins possible. 



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Thank you so much Archie for sharing your beautiful song with us in show & tell today. 10.11.17

Searching for micro-habitats


In year 2 this week we have been looking at micro-habitats in science. We went down to our forest school and had a look at some of the micro-habitats we have in there. We then tallied up what creatures we found and made a pictogram!  


Magical maths

Wow, year 2 have been working so hard at solving 2-step word problems this week in maths. 

Here's an example of one that we did today- Jon had 15 marbles, he lost 4 in the classroom and then another 3 in his bag.. how many did he have left? 


Happy Diwali! 

Happy Diwali everybody! Year 2 have been learning all about Diwali today. We have been creating Rangoli patterns and henna tattoos. The children have found out all about the story of Rama and Sita and why Diwali is known as 'The Festival of Lights'. 

Music is in us! 

Over the last half term we have been working with year one to learn a new song in music called "Hands, Feet, Heart". We had the opportunity to perform this in front of the rest of the school this morning and sang it beautifully. Well done years one and two!

Music is in us!

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Nurturing nurses!

Year 2 made some beautiful group collages today of their favourite nurses Florence Nightingale, Edith Cavell and Mary Seacole. The children have really enjoyed our 'Nurturing Nurses' topic and have produced some wonderful work. 

Year 2 enjoyed meeting Kristian Thomas the Olympic gymnast last week and raised lots of money for new sports equipment!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

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We were all pretty exhausted after our sponsored sports challenges, The children enjoyed the "Spotty Dogs" the most.

Global Warming.

In science, the children have been finding out about ways to take care of our environment. We did an experient where we took two identical trays of ice, we covered one with cling film and left the other untouched. The children predicted that the uncovered tray would melt first, however, we soon realised that the tray covered with cling film was melting much faster! This is because the cling film acted in a similar way to greenhouse gasses, allowing heat to enter but not escape and therefore heating up the tray. 



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